Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Lucky 7"

This was my seventh trip to Beaumont. Work is still ongoing with limited volunteers. We are still working in Port Arthur, 25 miles south of Beaumont.
On 40th Street we are building three ho
mes in an area that is not the best part of town.
The video below is from Channel 6, a local news station. Habitat is trying to get more local volunteers. Since I was there this week, they asked me to be interviewed as part of the story and encourage local recruits.

My group this week were two local guys, Tommy (retired printer), David, the prisoners and myself. No visiting groups, due to the upcoming holiday and I sure the rise in traveling expenses.
This trip I switched hotels to the MCM Elegante in Beaumont. I was able to get a great deal on Orbitz, which prove
d to be well worth the difference from previous hotels.
(Hotel Bar with a bit of London)

We worked on one home and installed siding, support porch posts and sided the gable. For a small group we accomplished quite a bit even though we were rained out on two afternoons.

(A bit warm in the afternoon)

(Completed siding and gable)