Thursday, January 05, 2006

Great final evening in London. We had dinner at the OXO tower.

On our return to the apartment, we stopped at the Absolut Ice Bar for our farewell cocktail. The room is all ice including the glasses bar and wall decorations. Our cover charge included one drink which was just enough considering the temperature.

That's all for London now. Cheers.

OXO Tower Bar
Erin & I- Balcony of OXO, St. Pauls in background

Gail/Erin/Ed/Jim - St. Pauls on your left

Ice Glass at Ice Bar

Absolut Bottle Ice Sculpture

Jim & Ed

The Crowd

Ed & Erin at the bar

Back Bar

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Our last full day in London.

Took a cab to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards at 11:30A.

Though the weather was brisk, it still was a great sight to see again. Though crowded, it was not anywhere near the amount of people that we had witnessed in the summer months.

We then strolled down the Mall to the Churchill museum & Cabinet Rooms. This is where Sir Winston Churchill and the top military worked during WWII. Great museum and very interesting.

After our museum visit we walked to Trafalger Square and had our final pub lunch. We dined on Fish & Chips and Erin's usual Cesar Salad. All washed down with a good pint.

The remainder of the afternoon we did some last minute shopping.

Tonight we will be having our farewell dinner at OXO Tower, one of our favorite restaurants.
It is located on the River Thames and on a clear night you have a great view of London.

Tomorrow we wrap it up and head back to the USA at 10:30A.
Erin - The "London" cell phone

Trafalger Square

Changing of the guards - Buckingham Palace
Changing of the guards - Buckingham Palace

Erin & Gail - Buckingham Palace

We began our day yesterday taking the tube to Madame Tussauds wax museum

Spent a few hours checking out the wax figures of movie/television stars and government figures.

Later we hopped over to Covent Garden for some light shopping and lunch.

Gail returned to the apartment while Erin & I spent some time on Bond Street where she was able to secure a few bargains.

Our evening began with going to the theatre and see the production of Mary Poppins.

By chance, Jim and I went to the box office a few days before and were able to secure four seats in the 10th row on the main floor. Though Jim & I had seen this show previously, it was very different viewing the show at such close range compared to the "roof top" seats we had in February.

Great show all seemed to enjoy.

Following the performance we headed over to The Ivy a few blocks from the theatre.

Dinner was excellent. Jim and I had the usual Thai Baked Sea Bass while Erin & Gail enjoyed "The Ivy" version of shepherd's Pie.

Long walking day, and much rest was needed.

Bond Street - Buses

Jim & The Beatles

Erin & Bill

Me & Queen Mum

Bond Street shopping

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Yesterday was a full walking day.

We started our morning taking the tube to the Westminster stop.

We walked over the bridge to the London Eye.

Gail, Jim & Erin took a ride on the London Eye, which provides an excellent view of London, while I had coffee below.

After their trip we took a long stroll along the River Thames to the Tate Modern Museum. We spent a good 90 minutes wandering the 3 floors of the museum.

Next we walked over the River Thames on the Millennium Bridge. We stopped at a pub for an excellent lunch and a pint.

After lunch we did a short stop at St. Paul's then took a cab to the Tower of London for some evening photo's.

We arrived back at the apartment around 5P and took a well needed nap.

Dinner was great at Le Caprice, so far the best dessert's served.

The evening was finished with a night cap once again at the Claridge Hotel.

Outside St. Paul's

Tower Bridge

Erin & Ed - Tower Bridge

Jim- Tower Bridge
Erin/Gail - Tower Bridge

View of London Eye

Big Ben

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year. Last night after an early evening dinner, we headed over to Trafalger Square. We arrived at 11P and watched as the crowds arrived over the next 45 mins.

Trafalger Square

Having Cocktails before dinner

Weather was cool, but unfortunately at 11:55 it started to rain and continued for the next hour.

At the stroke of midnight the champagne bottles were popping and whistling and horns blowing.

This was a sight to behold at least once in your lifetime.

After the fireworks we walk in the cold rain seeking the shelter of a nice quite bar and cool libation. Since all other 2 million people had the same idea, we opted to walk until we found a cab and head back to the apartment.

Erin & I were determined and eventually successful in finding an open restaurant with a party still going on near our apartment. Gail & Jim joined us for one last toast, and we back to the apartment shortly after 2. ( The crowd here was more of Erin's age group, but I enjoyed it anyway)

Today was a late start, all of us getting up and about after 11:00A.

We browsed and shopped a bit at Harrods, rested and had a dinner of comfort food (Italian) and returning here by 11:15.

Tomorrow we will be back in the swing of walking and playing tourist.

Plan to be out and about by 10.