Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year. Last night after an early evening dinner, we headed over to Trafalger Square. We arrived at 11P and watched as the crowds arrived over the next 45 mins.

Trafalger Square

Having Cocktails before dinner

Weather was cool, but unfortunately at 11:55 it started to rain and continued for the next hour.

At the stroke of midnight the champagne bottles were popping and whistling and horns blowing.

This was a sight to behold at least once in your lifetime.

After the fireworks we walk in the cold rain seeking the shelter of a nice quite bar and cool libation. Since all other 2 million people had the same idea, we opted to walk until we found a cab and head back to the apartment.

Erin & I were determined and eventually successful in finding an open restaurant with a party still going on near our apartment. Gail & Jim joined us for one last toast, and we back to the apartment shortly after 2. ( The crowd here was more of Erin's age group, but I enjoyed it anyway)

Today was a late start, all of us getting up and about after 11:00A.

We browsed and shopped a bit at Harrods, rested and had a dinner of comfort food (Italian) and returning here by 11:15.

Tomorrow we will be back in the swing of walking and playing tourist.

Plan to be out and about by 10.

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