Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years Eve Day

Today we had a leisurely start. We spent about an hour in the spa at the hotel, in the steam room and whirlpool.
We took a cab ride to Pudong (new city) and went through the Shanghai Aquarium. Some of the pathways at the aquarium are glass enclosed, enabling you to have the illusion of being in the water. It is an odd feeling to have large sharks swimming right above your head.

We went for lunch afterwards to the The Hyatt, on the 56th floor. The view was clear and we were able to see the Bund where we walked yesterday and will dine tonight.
I enclosed a photo of the mens room. I thought it to be unique with the full window overlooking the city.

We walked through a large shopping mall that consisted of 7 plus floors. (Jim said it reminded him a bit of Woodfield Mall back home.) I was surprised to see the large numbers of restaurants in the mall. Many of them white table cloth and very crowded.

Construction is on the move here in Shanghai. We noticed that work is being done at all hours and 7 days a week. Those who are in the trades here have more than enough work to keep them employed for a few years.

Though communicating in English can be at times difficult on the street, people have no problem with the words Watches, Gucci, Rolex and good pens. We are usually bombarded with men and women trying to sell you anything that is fake.

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