Friday, October 27, 2006

Today, it was a beautiful weather day in Beaumont. Though you would never have imagined with all the severe rain storms we had since early last evening.

Al & I spent the morning at Jenard Street, our usual site. We worked on some siding to prepare for the roof. It was very muddy and wet, so luckily we were only there a short time. The prisoners were there to do some major clean-up. They were not around for a few days because their van was in for repair. They are a scary a looking group, but they work hard throughout the day and do not bother anyone.

We joined the NCCC group at the warehouse around noon, where they have been working on a child's playhouse since yesterday. (Habitat is going to auction the playhouse to raise funds this weekend.)

Everyone worked hard to complete the project in two days. The pictures below show the progress.

This evening Al & I are going to dinner with the NCCC group. This is our last full day and the group will be leaving next Wednesday. All of them have completed their 10 month requirement and will be driving back to their base in Denver. They have two large vans and are only allowed to be driving in the van for eight hours per day.

I will work a half day tomorrow and drive to Houston for my return flight tomorrow afternoon.

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