Sunday, October 29, 2006

We had a nice dinner and interesting conversations on Friday evening with the AmeriCorps group.
It was nice to be in a relaxed atmosphere and actually have a full conversation without the sounds of machinery in the background.

Saturday was a short day for me since I was heading to Houston by 1P for my flight home.

We were assigned to the Madison Avenue single home build. This was the site that we worked for one day last month. It is sponsored by State Farm.
Building is only done here on Saturday by local volunteers. This week it was a group from the United Methodist Church, mostly senior cititzens. I think they sent us there to try and do what ever they could to save me.

There was a short prayer in the future living room, led by a woman from the church. It was actually very nice and from her heart.
She asked God to protect the new owner, watch over the house and that all would be safe during the construction. She even mentioned Al & I, thanking us for being Beaumont and for our safe return travel home.

Al & I spent the rest of our morning building scaffolding around the perimeter of the house

(Al informed me that when he volunteers in Louisiana, every day begins with some sort of short prayer. Sometimes led by a local minister or by one of the volunteers. It is usually very short and is more of a reinforcement to work safe.)

Miss Latisha, will be the new owner of this home. Due to the time limit, I was unable to get all her story. Though I did have a comment for her regarding her hair style, and her wrap when she fired up the grill..
She was there to BBQ for the group and was getting started at 9A so everything would be cooked for the group by noon.

This week was productive. We were able to do many projects from start to finish.

Both of us left Beaumont, accomplishing more than we anticipated.

765 Madison

United Methodist Group

Miss Latisha

Miss Latisha at the grill

My place for gathering thoughts.

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