Monday, October 23, 2006

Great day to be in Texas.

The weather was cool this early, but by mid morning the temperature hit the low '70's.

Looks like shorts will be the attire for the rest of the week.

When we arrived at the site this morning, Miss Bea, the future homeowner from our last trip was delivering coffee. She was thrilled and surprised to see Al & I back in Beaumont. I wanted to bring her a small gift that she could have to remember in years to come. I brought with me a small cross as her first house warming gift.

Miss Bea could not have been more appreciative, and wanted a picture of us on her front porch. She has already selected the wall in her living room that it will be displayed.

She returned just before we were leaving the site, because she wanted to introduce me to her handicapped mother and teenage daughter.

Most of our work today was on the scaffold working on soffits.

Miss Bea and her gift

Miss Bea & I in front of her future home.

Al nailing the soffit supports that I am cutting.

House that we worked on last month, working on the gable.

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Anonymous said...

I knew Miss Bea would love her gift :)