Saturday, January 06, 2007

City Stroll to Jingshan Park

Friday morning we began our day destined to Jingshan Park. Our walking journey began behind our hotel through another pedestrian street of shopping.

On the way we ran across a Catholic church that is 100 years old. The church was not open at the time to the public during the day, so we just took a few outdoor photo's.
A young couple arrived with photographers while we we there, to have a few pre-wedding photos taken in front of the church.

Catholic Church

Soon to be married

It took us about 30 minutes to get to Jingshan Park. The weather has been brisk. Today the winds were stronger, making it seem much colder the it was. Hats and scarves are required.

The park is vast in size, with many stairs to climb for better viewing of the city.

Though the pictures can be deceptive, the climate is very cold with the wind chill. It can be at times bone chilling.

Very "cool" picture

After our day out, we returned to the hotel for lunch and a hour warm up in the hotel pool, whirlpool and sauna. We had to defrost from the cold outside air. The pool is something we never imagined. The decor, places you in another world without the outdoor sky.

Hyatt Pool

Our dinner this evening was at the Green T House. It is probably one if not the best restaurants we have ever had the opportunity to visit. The decor was breathtaking and the cuisine superb. Our dinner Tuna/Fried Dumplings (Chinese pierogi), Roasted lamb/Spicey Chicken , Ice Cream for desert. Their decor and meal presentation were next to none.

On Saturday we head to the Great Wall.

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