Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Showers in Shanghai

We spent the late morning and afternoon exploring the Xintiandi area, where we had dinner the other evening. Most of the shops are high end, but have unique items. We did more window shopping than buying today.

The weather was rather wet and at times cold but is expected here at this time of year. After wandering the surrounding area, we stopped for lunch at KABB bar & grill. The food was perfect for lunch, Turkey melt / Chicken Parmesan sandwich. Most of the people dining were tourists with some locals and their children.
After lunch we took a cab to the Shanghai Museum. This museum has the country's premier collection of relics and artifacts. There were many exhibits of Chinese artistry in all its forms.

On a way back to the hotel we walked through the very crowded streets lined with every type of shop and business. It is amazing to see the large numbers of local people shopping at all the stores. The prices in this area were not mark downs, but "mall" prices. It is hard to imagine that with the income so low, there are huge numbers of people spending.

Dinner was at Danieli's, and Italian restaurant, located in The St.Regis Hotel. Our table was located near the window with a spectacular view of Shanghai. The menu choices were extensive and the food was excellent.

(View from Danieli's)

(After dinner)

Tonight, Wednesday, we leave for Beijing by train at 7P. The trip is about 14 hours. We have a sleeping room, but understand that it is very small, bunk beds and a small place for your luggage.

I am sure this will be experience.

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