Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years Day 2007 - Shopping

Weather here today was mild, with misting rain in the morning.

We headed out around 11A, for some serious shopping. When we departed from the hotel, the rain had stopped which made for fine weather to stroll the many streets.

We were able to find some bargains. Some small shops will barter prices, while other corporate type stores have fixed prices.

The streets and markets were very crowded, as you can see from the photos. The New Years day shoppers were out in full swing.

At dinner on NYE, we sat next to a couple that we had brief talk back and forth. As we were walking around Shanghai today, we ran into them at the market. Now with the size of this area, you could very easily loose each other. Nice to run into a familiar face, no matter how brief our previous encounter had been.

We went to dinner last night for Shanghainese at a restaurant called 1221.
The place secluded and hard to find, but the meal was great. We had Fried Spring rolls, pressed boned duck, spicy shrimp, very spicy pulled beef and mixed fried rice. They included a complimentary desert, which was browned sweetened rice with bananas and walnuts .
The restaurant look is very deceiving but was almost full and served great food that was very inexpensive.

Shoppers everywhere.

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