Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cold in Beaumont

The days here have been pretty routine. The weather though took a turn yesterday. Though it was quite clear, the temperature only hit the low 40's. With the wind and minimal sun yesterday, it was quite cold working on the open air. This was a big difference from my previous trips.

I have been working with Sam on replacing / adjusting a previously installed gable.
Sam is from Vermont. He is a college student and spent last week and this week volunteering. It was another opportunity to work with different people from a variety of backgrounds.

The mornings have been quite cool, so a fire is built for quick warm ups.
Norma on the left is from NY and seated is Roz, a nurse from Bermuda.

Miss Bea's completed home.

Rosie; our Foreman's dog, who is at the site everyday.

Sam, after two days on our gable project.

Each homeowner must do 300 hours of volunteer work and 200 can be done by friends or family. These are sisters of future home owner Connie.

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