Sunday, February 11, 2007

Return to Beaumont

I arrived in Beaumont TX today for another week at Habitat.
The weather here is a frigid 53 degrees above zero.
Though it is cool, I must remind myself that it is for the good of those less fortunate.

My friend Al from San Jose, who I have worked with before, also met me for this week. It is always good to see a familiar face.

We both arrived at the hotel around the same time. We were notified that we were no longer at HOJO's, which we liked, but across the street at Americas Best Value Inn. Though we were reluctant, we checked in.
We went for a short ride to our work area and decided to check out HOJO for a rate. Needless to say we grabbed our belongings and switched hotels. America's Best Value, was not a value to us.

We met with our new group at 4P.
A variety of people.
Sam, college student from Vermont.
Next, all women: Connie, a wife of a retired navy officer from California; Elizabeth, in her mid twenties from NY; Norma, mid 50's from NY also; Roz, a nurse from Bermuda.

There also is a group of 8 HS students from Canada who are in a carpenter program. They were not present for the meeting, but will be at the sight tomorrow.

We will be back on Jenard St this week finishing up the four or so remaining homes. The additional homes that were built since I was last here in October, makes it look like any other suburban neighborhood.
I am axious to see Miss Bea who you may recall from my last two trips. She and her family moved into their new home a few days before Christmas.

Tomorrow should be interesting working with a whole new group of volunteers.

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