Monday, February 12, 2007

Smooth Monday

Today we had a good working day. It seemed so different than prior trips. The noise level was down to a minimum.
Three of us worked on installing soffits, while the others were doing clean up and some painting. The major power tools were not constantly running all day.

One thing you will notice from the pictures, is that these two homes are raised. There are six of these homes on our block that have been donated. They are pre-fab homes shipped in two pieces. Each of the homes arrived completely done on the inside; all carpeting, tile and appliances installed.
When the home arrives on the sight, it is attached and the roof is raised, over a one day period for one to two homes.
The porch is built after the house has been placed on the blocks. Each have the same amount of room as those constructed at the sight and are built of the same material.

The weather today was in the upper 50's, which made for comfortable working conditions. As we were packing up, the a few sprinkles started to arrive.
The rest of the week is supposed to be cool, with a possibility of some storms tomorrow.

Al & I ran into Miss Bea. She is doing well and could not be happier in her new home. She wanted to give us a tour, but we told her we will stop by before dinner one night after we clean ourselves up. (Shoes get pretty muddy out here.)

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