Friday, February 16, 2007

Final Day - Trip Three

On Thursday night, we went to Spindle Top, a restaurant on Crockett Street. This was the final night that the whole group would be together.

The students from Canada headed back home this morning. It will be over a 30 hour drive with some stormy weather on the way so they wanted to get a head start.

Sam & I worked on finishing the gable repair that we have been working on the past few days. He also departed this afternoon, after his two week stay, for Houston to visit friends and head back to Vermont tomorrow.

Since my gable partner was gone (he was much better at heights than me) I assisted Roz & Connie & Yelena putting shingles on Miss Bea's Shed.

Though it was cold & windy last night and this morning (though it may be in low 40's, the damp cold goes right through your body) the afternoon sun today made for a great final day.

Our group photo, minus the Canadians and Sam.

(Left to Right; Robert; Roz: Miss Bea; Connie; Elizabeth aka Michelle; Me; Norma; Yelena; Al -kneeling)

Tonight, we meet for a final get together at Suga, a jazz club downtown for dinner.

Mardi Gras celebrations began here last night, so if the weather stays mild, it should be a fun night.

Me, Lois, Al
(Lois, Volunteer Coordinator extraordinaire and our friend)

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the russian said...

hope you've gotten home safely. thanks for posting all this stuff. could you include a link to maybe someone that reads this will be inspired to come down. ps - it's about time you stopped using those low-resolution polish cameras and switched to something made in america ;)