Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Information not found in travel books on Hong Kong:

- Since we have been here in Hong Kong we have not ecountered one person in a wheelchair.
Those who may require a wheel chair refuse to be seen in one. They will do whatever they can to avoid the chair in public. Though a cane for balance is fine.

-Number of years you attend high School
The scheduled time is 7 years. If your grades are good and passing, you can graduate in 5 years.

-Hailing a Taxi
The only place that a taxi cab cab be obtained is at Taxi Stands. They will not pick you up at any other location.

-When asking directions from a local, I always ask if they speak English.
After doing this on 3 occasions, I found that though they were very helpful, but seemed to be insulted that I would ask. I have found out that English is taught in schools at an early age. Now, I just ask the question and hope for a response.

-Over all the city is very clean, cigarette butts are nowhere to be found.
A few years ago the local government decided that the city needed to be cleaned up, so they imposed fines for littering. The charge for throwing a cigarette butt on the ground if caught and ticketed- HK5,000.00 or $625.00. Looks like the program works.

-Toyota's everywhere
Though all the Taxi cabs are a Toyota model, they are not the only car driven here by the wealthy. I do not think we have ever seen as many high priced cars in one place. Mercedes, Lambroghini, Porche' and Rolls Royce are common cars on the street. Though we have seen the Mini Cooper darting around the city.

-Stairs width
No reason that we have found, but with all the climbing through the city, the stairs are narrow in width. I am thinking feet are smaller and my size 13 shoe is not the norm.

-Crossing on "Walk"
Crossing at intersections in the city on the walk signal must be obeyed. When green, a bell rings rapidly. Once the bell stops you had better have completely crossed the street. If you are half way or almost the curb when the bell stops, run like hell or you will be run over by any motor vehicle.

The Tram

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