Thursday, February 16, 2006

We made it home in one piece and arrived home 2P.

No problems in customs but it took about 90 minutes from the time we pulled into the gate until we were outside O'hare.

We left this morning (Thursday) Hong Kong time, and the weather was beautiful.

The flight was a little more tolerable coming home thanks to an Ambien. At least we both slept for a good 6 hours.

Though my first impression when I got off the airplane last week was that the flight was just too long, I have since changed my mind.

It was well worth the trip to see this part of the world and I am sure we will visit again.

Though I think on the first trip it would be great to have a full 10 days. The jet lag hits you after the second day and you really have to adjust your body to the time zone coupled with all the walking, you can get pretty tired.

We understand that the best time of year to visit is October-May. The summers can have temperatures well over 100 degrees with high humidity.

Time for a few loads of laundry and a short welcome home nap.


Grammy Joanne said...

Ed, I enjoyed your pictures and jounal from your trip! Grammy Joanne

Grammy Joanne said...

Oops! I enjoyed your "journal" too!