Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Our departure is quickly approaching.
All we have to do is pull out the suitcase and pack. Always planning ahead.
Limo is picking us up tomorrow at 9A. We have a noon flight from O'Hare on United non-stop to Hong Kong. The flight will be just over 14 hours and 7787 air miles.
We will arrive at 6:05PM Thursday. Our return will be Thursday 2/16.
This will be the longest flight that we have taken, so I am trying to prepare myself.
Weather in Hong Kong is spring like, with temperatures in the 60-70 degree range and very little rain.
Jim's schedule has changed slightly, so he will be able to explore the sights this weekend before his deposition on Monday and Tuesday.
I have changed the timestamp on the blog to reflect the current time/day in Hong Kong

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