Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sunday a day of rest.

Jim spent most of the day working and preparing for his next few days in the office.

I relaxed a read by the pool. Though pleasant, it was cool and windy.

Late in the afternoon we walked left the hotel and walked around the area. On Sunday many of the shops are closed and the restaurants open in the evening.

This is one of many streets that will be overcrowded tonight with people from the bars/restaurants on both sides.

Typical street in the surrounding neighborhoods.

While we were crossing the pedway, there was a large number of women sitting/gathered along the rail. Some were eating, playing cards or just socializing.
Due to the stong winds today, they had cardboard erected to form a makeshift shelter.

I inquired to a local women as to what type of gathering was occurring.
She informed me that these women, very few men, were Philippine domestic, and Sunday was there day off. They have no place to go, so they gather throughout the city.

As we continued to walk, this same scenario occurred over and over again.

There were groups everywhere. In squares, on street curbs or the small parks.
We were amazed at what we had observed. The numbers had to be in the thousands.

One group had a decorations to celebrate one of the woman's birthday.

It was a Womens Club meeting, only outdoors.

This was an eye opening experience that made us stop and reflect how other people who are not homeless, but still have no where to call home.

Below a photos of the various areas we passed.

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