Friday, February 10, 2006

Today we set out to explore Hong Kong on foot.

We walked through the Central Area of Hong Kong.

Getting around can be difficult if you have limited mobility. Though there are bridges, pedways across the majority of the busy streets. Around every corner is another set of stairs to climb.

The streets and sidewalks are very clean and the residents seem to take pride in keeping their city clean.

We wandered through food shopping markets, displaying today's fresh pick of fruits and vegetables.

Jim at the market

We observed many school buses of young children being dropped off and meeting their parents. All the children were nicely dressed in their school uniforms.

One of the many stairs we climbed

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We decided since the weather was clear we would venture Victoria Peak.
We took the Peak Tram, that has been in operation since 1888.

As we were going up in the tram toward the Peak, the view of Hong Kong grew before your eyes. Once at the top the view was nothing more than breathtaking.

Lunch Break at the Peak

View from Victoria Peak

We had dinner at the Peninsula hotel at the restaurant Felix.

Jim had Rack of Lamb and I had a Fillet of Beef, which reminded me of London Broil.

We ended the evening back at hotel for our night cap.
Interesting people at the bar. A women who was world traveler and Angus who was born in London but resided in Singapore with his expecting wife who is a native of Canada. His parents move to the US and resisded in Rockford Il, where my sister and her family lived for 15 years.

Such a small world.

After our long day we retired for the evening.

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