Thursday, February 09, 2006

Our hotel room view of Hong Kong

We made it here to Hong Kong.

The flight was smooth but was 15 hours. It seemed much longer than I had anticipated.
- Our flight path:
-Left Chicago
-Flew over Green Bay
-Northwest to Minneapolis
-Elizabeth Islands
-Arctic Circle/North Pole
-Arctic Sea
-Over Siberia
-Down over mainland China
-West of Beijing/Shanghai
-Landing over the China Sea
Fortunately, I switched seats, had a window and empty seat in between.

I finished reading my travel book on Hong Kong, read and completed Night, and started Memoirs of a Geisha.

Hotel, Four Seasons, opened in September is beautiful.

We are going to take showers and head out for a casual dinner at 9P.

Two bars are located in the hotel that I am sure we will visit for a night cap before a good night's sleep.

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